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Google Review NFC Card

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"Elevate your brand with our innovative Google Review NFC Card. This NFC tap-enabled solution empowers customers to effortlessly leave glowing 5-star reviews for your business directly on Google. Setup is swift, and no app download is necessary, enabling you to kickstart your journey to accumulating positive feedback within moments. Begin your journey today and witness firsthand the transformative impact of positive reviews on your business! Our Tap Review Card is perfect for businesses in Bangalore looking to boost their Google ratings with ease."

Increase reviews in seconds

Built in Analytics - See TAPS in real time

UV Digital Print

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What is NFC technology?

Near-field communication refers to a set of wireless communication protocols that allows two smartphones to communicate within a few centimetres of each other.

Why should I buy a Thynkk Digital Business Card?
People rarely save phone numbers from paper business cards. In the digital age, everyone wants technology that is easy, quick, and simple to use. With the next generation of smart business cards, you can do just that. Thynkk Digital business cards are an innovative way to share your contact information and save it directly to customers’ smartphones. You can share them anywhere and anytime. It is paperless and eco-friendly.

What are the benefits of the smart business card and Thynkk Digital card?
Users can share contact information and product or service information with customers via email, WhatsApp, text message, social media, and other means. Your Thynkk Business card will come in handy when you meet someone at a business meeting, seminar, or conference.

Is it compatible with Android or iOS phones?

Yes, it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

here I can see that NFC feature available or not in my SmartPhone?

Enter "NFC" in the "Search settings" bar. Tap to enable NFC. If you can't find NFC, your phone has no NFC functionality.


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